Treating Customers Fairly

Showing you are trustworthy is as important to your customers as meeting their financial needs. This course gives all employees of accountable institutions a familiarity surrounding the rules and regulations around Treating Customers Fairly in the financial services industry.  

This course aims to raise awareness of the purpose, importance and application of Treating Customers Fairly (TCF). This course will address the following topics:

Module 1: An introduction to Treating Customers Fairly
Module 2: The 6 outcomes of Treating Customers Fairly
Module 3: The product life cycle
Module 4: The Treating Customers Fairly outcomes applied to the product life cycle

Who should complete the course?

Employees dealing with TCF on a daily basis should complete this course. These learners should be familiar with the Act and its terminology, possess mid-level proficiency in English, and be adequately computer literate. Both the learner and the company will reap the benefits of compliance being reinforced.

How will learners benefit?

TCF requires that all employees of accountable institutions be familiar with the requirements of the Act and continue to refresh their knowledge on a regular basis.
By completing the TCF course, you will not only be compliant with TCF with regard to training, but you will be able to:

  1. Describe an overview of TCF.
  2. List the 6 Outcomes of TCF.
  3. Describe the product life cycle.
  4. Explain how the Treating Customers Fairly outcomes apply to the product life cycle.

Once the course has been completed, learners can test their understanding using the TCF assessment.