Construction Regulations and Implementation

Millions of accidents in the construction industry result in injury and death and necessitate the control of the health and safety for workers. This course provides an overview of the Construction Regulations and their implications for organisations, companies and individuals involved in construction.  

This course aims to raise awareness of the purpose and importance of Construction Regulations in the workplace.

Module 1: Introduction to Construction Regulations and Implementation
Module 2: Client and Agent Duties with regard to Construction Regulations
Module 3: Construction Sites

Who should complete the course?

South African law requires all organisations, companies and individuals involved in construction to implement the prescribed construction laws. Learners should possess mid-level proficiency in English, and be adequately computer literate.

How will learners benefit?

The prescribed construction legislation requires that all employees of accountable institutions be familiar with the requirements of the legislation and continue to refresh their knowledge on a regular basis.

By completing this course, learners will be able to:

  1. Explain the importance of applying the construction regulations.
  2. Explain the application process for a construction permit.
  3. Describe the notification process for a construction permit.
  4. Describe the duties with regards to construction regulations.
  5. Explain the rules and regulations pertaining to risk assessments for construction work.
  6. List the rules and regulations pertaining to fire precautions, excavation, demolition work, tunnelling and material hoist, explosive-actuated fastening devices, construction vehicles and mobile plants, health hazards, and welfare societies.
  7. List the construction health and safety professions registration process.

Once the course has been completed, learners can test their understanding using the Construction Regulations and Implementation assessment.