Basic Fire Awareness

Every year, millions of people die, thousands are injured and billions of dollars are lost globally from fire related incidents. This course provides learners with the basics of fire awareness to understand how fires work, how they can be prevented and what actions to take when a fire does occur.  

The course aims to raise awareness regarding the purpose and importance of basic fire safety. In the Basic Fire Awareness course, we will explore fires, how to prevent them and what actions to take when discovering a fire. We will also give an overview of the legal requirements all buildings must adhere to when it comes to fire safety.

The following topics are covered in the course:

Module 1: Introduction
Module 2: Understanding and preventing fires
Module 3: Actions to take when discovering a fire
Module 4: Legal requirements
Module 5: Summary

Who should complete the course?

South African law requires organisations or companies to have basic firefighting skills regardless of the industry or field they work in. This course is aimed at any employee who has volunteered for, or any individual who would like to learn more about, basic fire safety. These learners should possess mid-level proficiency in English, and be adequately computer literate.

How will learners benefit?

By completing this course, learners will be able to:

  1. Explain the importance of basic fire safety
  2. Identify the main causes of fires in the workplace
  3. Describe how the fire triangle works
  4. Define fire spread
  5. Describe the different classifications of fires
  6. Identify how to prevent fires from happening
  7. Describe the safe firefighting processes in the event of a fire
  8. List the steps to be taken when reporting a fire incident to the fire department
  9. Distinguish what equipment to use for the different fire classifications
  10. Recount how to use the firefighting equipment
  11. Recognise and explain the fire safety symbols
  12. Describe the legal requirements that need to be adhered to for fire safety

Once the course has been completed, learners can evaluate their understanding by completing the summative assessment consisting of 15 questions to test knowledge of Basic Fire Awareness.